1. Sketchy booky

    Ed Cheverton

  2. jazzdadbooks:

    We will be at the Bristol Comic and Zine fair this saturday with new books including titles by:

    - Eleni Kalorkoti

    - Alice Bowsher

    - Rosie Brand

    - Dave McMillan

    - Jayde Perkin

    - Rob Hodgson

    - Clare Owen

    and much much more!!! We’ll be posting previews of our new books this week.

    Going to be manning the Jazz Dad table this saturday, come say hi!

  3. More satanic shaman and some hellbeasts.

    Ed Cheverton

  4. Satanic Mage, dark mystic.

    from my sketchbook at drink and draw last night

    Ed Cheverton

  5. Two of my dearest friends; Nick Edwards http://nick-edwards.tumblr.com/ and Rosie Brand http://rosiebrand.tumblr.com/ recently moved to Bristol, we’ve been doing some drink and draws.

    Top is a game of fight with Rosie,

    Bottom is some some messed up shit with Nick.

  6. A year’s worth of sketchbooks; fun, pain, joy and sorrow.

    Ed Cheverton.

  7. Sketchbook pages.

    Ed Cheverton.

  8. Band art for my sister and brother in law’s band The Lost Tides.

    They’re touring the UK next year in their camper van called Bumble.

    Ed Cheverton.

  9. Sketchbook spread.

    Ed Cheverton.

  10. postcard-club:


    Postcard swap between me (top) and British Illustration’s golden boy Ed Cheverton. He nailed it. We are all cosmic citizens.

    Lovely swap with lovely lad Rory Cahill. Rory once gave me a nutrigrain bar when i was sad at uni.

  11. postcard-club:

    I was updating the members list earlier today and saw that we have now passed 100 members!!!

    I’m so glad that this network of creatives is growing strong, thanks to everyone taking part and I hope you have enjoyed it so far!

    - Ed


  12. Some postcards being sent out this week for Postcard Club.

    Ed Cheverton

  13. postcard-club:

    Swap between Ed Cheverton (top) and Tim Furey (bottom).

    Tim sent me this gorgeous mixed media collage. He makes some excellent dioramas http://timfurey.tumblr.com/

    I sent Tim a Dark Knight card.

    Great fun swapping with Mr Tim Furey

  14. GIF I made for TOYS.

    The TOYS Exhibition website is live! http://toys-exhibition.co.uk/

    TOYS is an interactive exhibition of all things PLAYFUL and FUN. Featuring the work of over 30 contemporary artists and illustrators creating a mixture of printed and three dimensional toys, puzzles, knick knacks, games, whirligigs, mobiles, zim zams, plushies, doodads, fandangles and much more.
    Created and curated by the childish minds of David McMillan, Jayde Perkin and Ed Cheverton.

    Questions? – toys.exhibition@gmail.com
    Follow – @TOYS_Exhibition

    All work will be for sale for the duration of the exhibition, with all money made supporting The Wallace & Gromit Grand Appeal - The Bristol Children’s Hospital Charity. The profits and donations will help support the amazing work this charity does in caring for sick children in the South West. To find out more about the our charity visit their website here.

  15. Earth Mother

    From The Spectral Pilot and Earth Mother space romance comic, i’m sloooowwwly working on.

    Ed Cheverton