1. Lots of people have have asked me over the years to give them Jazz recommendations to them, and I’ve always struggled to know what to suggest; Jazz is such an eclectic and rich world.

    So I’ve decided to revive The Jazz Factory, as a tool make artist and album recommendations. I’d like to do one of these about once a week…but we’ll see.

    The Jazz Factory Recommends: Bill Evans - The “Interplay” Sessions with Freddie Hubbard and Zoot SIms.

    One of my favourite albums from pianist Bill Evans recorded in the summer of 1962.  He is joined for half the tracks by trumpet player Freddie Hubbard and and the other half by veteran saxophonist Zoot Sims, as well as fantastic guitarist Jim Hall, bassists Percy Heath and Ron Carter with Philly Joe Jones on drums. This marks a rare occasion for Evans, where he broke out of his normal trio format of piano, bass and drums
        This album is a great mix of standards such as You and the Night and the Music and When you Wish upon a Star alongside Evan’s own beautiful compositions such as TIme Remembered. Time Remembered is a stand out track for me, a gorgeous ballard with gorgeous playing from Jim Hall and Zoot Sims. Have a listen to Time Remembered here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eW8IDUN4Ex4 then buy the album here http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-Interplay-Sessions-Bill-Evans/dp/B000ULQVDE/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1406119617&sr=8-1&keywords=bill+evans+interplay+sessions

  2. Spectrum Wave Ranger.

    Messing about layering pencil.

    Ed Cheverton

  3. jazzdadbooks:


    Breakdown Press is very excited to announce Safari Festival, a celebration of the new wave of alternative and art comics from the UK and beyond.

    The festival will be free to attend and will take place at Protein’s Studio 2 gallery in London on August 30th.

    Exhibitors include:

    Breakdown Press (Joe KesslerAntoine CosséZoë Taylor)
    Comic Book Slumber Party
    Comics Workbook
    Decadence Comics (Lando)
    Donya Todd
    Eyeball Comix
    Famicon Express (Leon Sadler, Stefan Sadler, Jon Chandler)
    Ferry Gouw
    Grace Wilson
    Jack Teagle
    Jazz Dad Books
    Joseph P Kelly
    Landfill Editions (Hugh Frost)
    Laura Callaghan
    Rob Flowers
    Space Face Books (JMKE)

    and more to be announced

    For more information, follow safari-festival.com and @safarifestival.

    Very excited to be at the first Safari Festival! We will have comics, zines, prints, wares, trinkets, flim flams and whirlygigs.

  4. brightsplashes:

    Lots of goodies from my pal Ed Cheverton including Museums and the Jazz Dad edition of my short comic Smoke Rings

    Sent some Jazz Dad Books to my buddy Matt Houston.

    (via jazzdadbooks)

  5. The Astral Spector

    I’m using these small collages to play with some of the characters in this Sci Fi/Space Romance comic i’m working on.

    Ed Cheverton

  6. postcard-club:


    This is mi first postcard swapping in the postcardclub!! i received a chedwardbeaverdam cool postcard with nice hats! :)

    Great postcard swap between Ed Cheverton (top) and Cristian Robles (bottom).

  7. Fake cover for The Astral Guide.

    The Astral Guide shows The Spectral Pilot the path he needs through the galaxy to finding his lost love; Earth Mother.

    Ed Cheverton

  8. postcard-club:

    Swap between James Fisher http://imadogperson.tumblr.com/ (L) and Ed Cheverton (R)

    James sent me this great card of his guys beating up mine. It folded out to reveal the truth, they’re all friends.

    I sent James a mounted mage.

    Fun swap with James Fisher.

  9. I just put the Astral Spector and Spectrum Guide original collage up for sale on my store. Original art and prints for sale at lo lo prices, buy now to avoid disappointment later!


    Ed Cheverton

  10. Some postcards going out as part of Postcard club. I’m trying to catch up with the many many many cards I owe people.

    I’m so sorry for it taking so long! I’ve barely had a day off in the past 3 months. But I have this weekend to try and catch up!

    - Ed Cheverton

  11. postcard-club:

    Swap between Steven Kraan http://stevenkraandrawingdaily.tumblr.com/(L) and Ed Cheverton (R)

    Steven sent me this self referential postcard (great idea!)

    I sent Steven a collage featuring some mystic types and my head.

  12. jazzdadbooks:

    Page from Quagley No.1 by Edward Cheverton.

    This was part of a mini comic pack we had at ELCAF this year.

    Planning on serializing Quagley. Next issue coming soon!

  13. Sci Fi collage.

    I’ve bee toying with these characters for a while, slowly working on a comic hopefully to be released at the Bristol Zine Fair in October.

    Ed Cheverton

  14. postcard-club:

    swap between Aisling Marray http://raphaelcartoons.tumblr.com/ (L) and Ed Cheverton (R).

    Aisling sent me this awesome Kirk playing card postcard (great idea for a postcard!)

    I sent Aisling a forest scene.

  15. postcard-club:

    Swap between Kirsten Houser http://www.kirstenhouser.com (L) and Ed Cheverton (R).

    Kirsten sent me this beautifully painted card of a bird flying upside down (not dead).

    I sent Kirsten a desert mage.