1. Adventure Time awkward family portrait.

    First time in a loooong while i’ve had to draw for fun.

    I don’t often draw characters that aren’t my own, so this was a really good challenge. This is for Seonagh and Aisling; Adventure Time sistas.

    Ed Cheverton.

  2. jazzdadbooks:

    You may have heard Jazz Dad Books will be tabling at Safari Festival https://www.facebook.com/events/255312464660716/?ref=ts&fref=ts this weekend.

    After selling out of many titles at ELCAF back in June I’ve been working hard to reprint lots of titles, including:

    Blue by Jayde Perkin

    Girls by Jamie Jones

    Slowly Dying by Disa Wallander

    Therapy by Edward Cheverton

    We’ll have lots more titles as well as a few new ones including david biskup and newton’s first law of motion by David Biskup.

    We’ll also have original art, prints and the legendary Jazz Dad Badge to give away with every purchase!

    Pop by and say hello! I’ll be on the table with team Jazz Dad:

    David Biskup, Jayde Perkin, David McMillan, Aisling Marray, Matt Pettit.

    Toot toot!


  3. Anonymous said: Your art looks like something a 5 year old would make and have his parents begrudgingly hang on the refrigerator.

    Oh man I wish I still had the creative freedom I did when I was 5. But my girlfriend has got a few pieces on her fridge come to think of it…

  4. jazzdadbooks:


    Therapy by Edward Cheverton. 32 pages on various stock, hand bound.

    Drawing as a form of escapism from stress, anxiety and depression.

    This will be available at Pick Me Up next month, there’s also be a few copies at Press Up Oxford http://www.pressupoxford.tumblr.com/ and then in ELCAF In June.

    Just made a second print for Safari Festival on 30th August and Bristol Comic and Zine Fair on October 4th!

    2nd Print Editions at Safari and Bristol Comic and Zine Fair! Keep an eye out for the Jazz Dad Books table!

  5. Sketchbook page.

    First fanart i’ve done in a long time.

    Ed Cheverton

  6. postcard-club:

    Swap between Reece Wykes http://reecewykes.tumblr.com/ (L) and Ed Cheverton (R).

    Lovely swap here, Reece sent me some really nice plant life.

    I sent an Earth Mother card.

  7. postcard-club:

    swap between Taili Wu (top) and Ed Cheverton (bottom)

    Taili sent me a lovely watercolour of a sloth.

    I sent Taili a 6 panel collage.

    Catching up putting some older swaps on Postcard Club.

  8. Weatherman

    collage sketch before I went to bed last night.

    Ed Cheverton

  9. The Jazz Factory Recommends: Wallace Roney - Obsession.

    Part of the post bop movement in the 90s (a kind of reset for Jazz, moving away from the terrible Smooth Jazz of the period) Wallace Roney is a spectacular trumpet player. Obsession is a raw album featuring Gary Thomas on sax, Donald Brown on piano, Christian McBride on bass (a personal favourite of mine) and Cindy Blackman on drums. A prime example of quality contemporary Jazz (although now 24 years old now….), highlights of the album include Roney’s aggressively fiery solo on the title track Obsession and  Gary Thomas’ delicately soulful solo on Black Moon.

    Listen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jpyleoNM5R0

    I think this is out of print now, but may be on Spotify. Keep an eye out in used record stores!

  10. raphaelcartoons:

    More granny. Always granny. Non stop granny. This time personal beauty and film reviews. 

    More Aisling Granny

    (via insanityandbiscuits)

  11. A scan.

  12. TOYS Exhibition.

    Coming soon :).

  13. The sun god watches over the magi on their pilgrimage through the desert.

    Warm up collage for what I hope will be a productive evening.

    Ed Cheverton

  14. raphaelcartoons:

    We’ve taken granny on holiday and we’re being spoiled with golden comedy nuggets from her non stop, so it’d be a crime if I didn’t scrappily record them and share them with the world at large. 

    Aisling’s granny is amazing!

  15. jazzdadbooks:

    Sketcbooks by Edward Cheverton.

    Collecting selected sketchbook work from winter 2013 to summer 2014. This will debut at Safari Festival at the end of August!

    Sketchbooks - for Jazz Dad Books!