1. Working on a commission tonight and got……distracted.

    Ed Cheverton

  2. jazzdadbooks:

    Page from a Mages comic by Edward Cheverton, coming soon.

  3. A plane.

  4. postcard-club:

    Fantastic swap between club members Ghosttthead http://ghosttthead.tumblr.com/(top) and Andrés Lozano http://andres-lozano.com/ (middle and bottom).

    These guys are turning into Postcard Club pros! So many lovely swaps happening. Second rule of Postcard Club: tell everyone about Postcard Club.

  5. I’ve spent today making postcards (the best way to spend a day) for Postcard Club. I’m a bit behind with my swaps so it was good to catch up.

    Ed Cheverton

  6. postcard-club:


    I did a postcard swap with Ghosttthead!  The top two images are the front and back of the card that I sent.  The bottom two images are the front and back of the card I just received from Ghosttthead.  I’m pretty excited.  Postcard club is fun!  Everybody should do it!  Ok, I’ll stop with the exclamation points now.

    Wowee! What a gorgeous swap between club members Sophie Franz (Top 2) and Ghosttthead (Bottom 2).

    As Sophie says, Postcard swapping is fun! And everybody should do it!

  7. jazzdadbooks:

    Blue by Jayde Perkin.

    A zine by Jayde Perkin, loosely inspired by one of Jayde’s favourite albums of all time - ‘Blue’ by Joni Mitchell .

    Coming soon!

    Very excited for this!

  8. jazzdadbooks:


    Kevin Truman
    Summer 2014

    Matthew Pettit

    We will be debuting this at ELCAF this year!


  9. I’ve just updated my website with new work including collage, toys, drawing and comics!

  10. A Jazz lesson, from the Jazz Dad.

    Ed Cheverton

  11. Page from a collage sketchbook. I’m getting ready to make some BIG work for https://twitter.com/dwell_show

    Ed Cheverton

  12. I made a 6 page collage comic called ‘Sweet Dreams’, written by Cathy Olmedillas, for the latest issue of Anorak magazine. This is my favourite panel and a spread from it.

    You can pick up a copy here http://shop.anorakmagazine.com/product/anorak-issue-31-dreams

  13. adamhigton:

    Emily from Bath Spa showing off a recent screen print that I made with my neighbour and fellow illustrator Ed Cheverton…

    Mine and Adam’s print has been made ready for the Used and Abused Skate show next week https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=232337093639231&fref=ts

    Looking forward to seeing this in the flesh!

  14. davidjmcmillan:

    One of those wee rapper lads.

    Made for something I can show soon.

  15. jazzdadbooks:

    Therapy by Edward Cheverton. 32 pages on various stock, hand bound.

    Drawing as a form of escapism from stress, anxiety and depression.

    This will be available at Pick Me Up next month, there’s also be a few copies at Press Up Oxford http://www.pressupoxford.tumblr.com/ and then in ELCAF In June.

    There’s is also just one more available on the Comms Bureau kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/926987513/comms-bureau-presents-pick-me-up-radio